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Social Media and its Impact on The Real Estate Industry

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28 October 2014


 Social Media and its Impact on The Real Estate Industry

The world of real estate was tracking along quite nicely and then POW, along came the internet and social media.

The world wide web changed the face of modern real estate  as we know it and the way properties are now promoted to the public for sale and rent.

Traditional real estate property promotion was primarily via a listing or lineage ad in the weekend papers with rentals being advertised on a Wednesday. For the super properties, a photo property series was an advanced option.

Today, it is all about getting the right property to the right person, as quickly as possible and with as many attractive visuals as possible.

Whilst the use of company websites and real estate ‘portals’ like those listed below is an absolute MUST these days – many agents are now embracing social media.

Social Media is still in its early days in Western Australia as a tool to sell real estate or rent out properties however, In the USA (who Australia tend to follow their social trends), some agencies are sharing new images of properties available on pinterest daily.

Other platforms like Twitter, pinterest, google + and facebook play a big part too although many Australians are just not used to them yet!  Unless you are under 30 of course.

Should we be using Social media? Yes, we think you should.

It’s a great tool for branding, general awareness, reaching the masses quickly, sharing with friends and family, targeting specific groups and ages and so much more.

If you look back not more than 6 or 7 years ago there was a point where people said, I don’t need to use the internet for my listings, I like the newspaper.  There was also a thought that we don’t need a website and the current real estate portals were just in their infancy or not even around then.

As quickly as the need for a website came about – is the need for agencies to get on board with Social Media.  The modern generation do the largest percentage of their web browsing in social media, they take word of mouth advice from friends and if you don’t exist, then you will fall behind very quickly.

Social media allows agencies to promote their brand and brand values, increase public awareness, provide information to the public, position yourself as a trusted company and most importantly – increase your referral networks.

All this means you can reach more people, more quickly and access more buyers and tenants.

In a nutshell, why will all agencies get on board the social media bandwagon whether they like it or not?

It is highly targeted

Gen Y and Z live there (you’ve seen them – they are the ones who can’t lift their head in public)

There are 13.2 million facebook users in Australia

There are 12.6 million youtube users in Australia

71 % of social media users research via a smart phone (you need a responsive website)

The average time spent by allAustralians on their smartphone each day is 2 hours

According to Some real estate figures – listings with a video receive over 100% more enquiries than those without

Remember:  the key times that social media use occur is out of work hours!

Platinum Realty Group prides ourselves on being market leaders in social media in Western Australia.  You can find us here:

Platinum FB

John Kemsley at Platinum Realty Group

Platinum Property News

Platinum twitter

Platinum Linkedin

John Kemsley at Linkedin



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Moving Checklist

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07 October 2014


Moving House Checklist – By Platinum Realty Group

There are plenty of things to consider when you move house so we have produced the checklist below to assist you with the planning.

4 weeks before the BIG move

·      Book your removal company or hire truck

·      Get rid of as many items that you don’t need anymore – donating to charity or friends and family can also make you feel good

·      Go through the garage & garden shed and all outdoor areas

·      Make a note of any precious items that may need special care to move.

·      Measure the spaces in your new home to ensure your furniture fits

·      Use up all opened packets and throw out goods past their use-by date

·      Gas cylinders should be empty with valves open, flammable liquids safely disposed of

·      Create a folder for all your moving documents

·      Organise schooling, preschool transfers

·      If travelling, remember passports, tickets, visas et

If you are doing the packing….

·      Purchase cartons and packing material

·      Label every carton clearly as to contents and its room destination

·      Dismantle furniture that comes apart – screws etc can be placed in a zip lock bag and taped to the furniture somewhere.

·      Pack lighter items in large cartons, heavier items in small cartons

2-3 weeks to moving day

·      Contact all relevant authorities to notify them of your new address

·      Arrange for family, friends to mind children and pets on moving day

·      Arrange transfer of bank accounts

·      Organise telephone, internet, gas, electricity, Foxtel connections

·      Ensure new home will be thoroughly cleaned before your move and also arrange cleaning of your original home after your move

·      Consider redirecting your mail – book this through Australia Pos

1 week to moving day

  • Set aside bedding, towels etc to be used on the first night so beds can be made on moving day

·    Draw up a plan of each room in your new home with furniture placement for your removal company supervisor.

·     Cancel any deliveries you may have to your house

·     If you have purchased a new home, ensure you have a final inspection the day before settlement

·     Advise services, eg. babysitter, gardener, cleaner

·     Prepare an ‘Essentials’ carton that contains important items such as remote controls, shelf supports, bed legs, keys, telephone charger, telephone handset, furniture assembly instructions

 2 Days to moving day

·      Remember your ‘SURVIVAL’ box. Include important medications, first-aid kit, childrens’ favourite toys (especially bedtime friends), toiletries, tea, coffee, kettle, milk, snacks, baby needs, children’s sleep wear and school needs, work clothes and essentials for the following day

·      Don’t forget your pets daily need item

·      Make sure your removalist has the new address and clear instructions to get there – Ascertain access details and key collection for your new home

The day Before

·      Defrost, empty, dry out and air your refrigerator.

·      Leave a welcoming note with all relevant information for the new resident

·      Remember to include your new address and telephone numbers

·      Prepare bags / cartons with all items that you wish to transport yourselves.

Moving Day

·      Transport perishable food items in a cooler box

·      Have plan at hand for furniture placement in new home

·      Have at hand your “SURVIVAL” box

·      If renting, arrange for key collection

·      Collect all car and house keys, ensure gas and electricity meters have been read and telephone disconnected

·      If your possessions are being stored or you are moving overseas or interstate, remember to check and sign the inventory.

·      Turn off power

·      Lock house, remember to leave keys as specified

And finally once you are in….

·      If leasing, document condition of property and furnishings for the appropriate agent.

·      Check all utilities are connected, hot water service on.

·      At completion of unloading, check all is to your satisfaction.

·      Check that you have all keys and relevant instructions to your new residence.

·      Have security checked and locks changed if concerned.

·      Contact your new local council for garbage collection information and new resident’s folders.


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Living in Ocean Reef

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01 October 2014

Livinin Ocean Reef


Ocean Reef is a beautiful suburb North of Perth and is the beginning part of one of the fastest growing corridors of land in Western Australia. The name was coined by developers in the 1970s from the line of a reef visible several kilometres offshore.

Ocean Reef is located within the City of Joondalup , just 8km north of Hillarys Boat Harbour and is a beachfront suburb. It also features the Ocean Reef Boat Harbour which provides a public boat launch and a small fishing harbor.

During recent years the City of Joondalup has prepared concept plans for the development of a world class recreational, residential, boating and tourism marina at the Ocean Reef Boat Harbour site (Ocean Reef Marina).

The boat harbour sits on this midway point at the western end of Hodges Drive, and there is a shopping centre in each end of the suburb – Beaumaris Shopping Centre in the north and Ocean Reef Shopping Centre to the south.

Ocean Reef is served by three primary schools (Beaumaris Primary, St Simon Peter Catholic Primary, and Ocean Reef Primary). Ocean reef also serves two high schools: Ocean Reef Senior High School (public) and the much respected Prindiville Catholic College (private)

A glorious coastal dune walkway/cycle path meanders up coast from south to north, offering access to several small beaches, picnic areas, rest stops, and access paths into the suburb itself.

Ocean Reef is a hotspot for migrants from the UK and South Africa as it has the best of everything on offer.  The average house price is $710,000 and the average weekly rental is $635.

It is just 24km from the Perth CBD with easy access to the Freeway and perth Train line.

If you are interested in investing or buying in Ocean Reef – feel free to contact John Kemsley at Platinum Realty Group on

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